Commercial Pest Control

Reliable Commercial Pest Control Plans
Every business is unique and each commercial facility is different. We understand that your pest control plan should be customized to match the specifics of your facility, no matter how big or small. We will provide your business with a service plan that is comprehensive, competitively priced and convenient.

Home Tech Pest Solutions will listen to your needs and expectations and then schedule a pest inspection that fits your busy schedule. After we have conducted our initial inspection, we will develop a service plan that is just right for you and your business. We offer single treatments as well as ongoing service plans. 

  • One-Time Pest Control Treatments
  • Monthly Pest Control Services
  • Quarterly Pest Control Services (every three months)
  • Scheduling can be arranged for non-typical business hours when necessary

Our well trained pest management professionals take great pride in providing you with smart solutions, excellent customer service and respect. We arrive on time and are very diligent about performing our duties with little disruption to your operation. We have the know-how and the experience to handle the unique requirements of your business. Our services include:

  • Commercial Rodent Control
  • Commercial Bed Bug Control
  • Commercial Cockroach Control
  • Termite Control
  • Pre-Construction Control Treatments

Home Tech Pest Solutions is the Pest Control Company of choice for hundreds of businesses throughout the St Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Palm Coast, Jacksonville, Palatka, Green Cove Springs, Orange Park and many more. Call Home Tech Pest Solutions at 904.797.8334 today to schedule an inspection. 

Pre-Construction Pest Management Services
Begin your new construction on the right foot, by making preventative pest management a priority. Commercial property and construction is a huge investment and you want to protect that investment as well as your reputation. Avoid the setbacks of a pest infestation, right from the start. Home Tech Pest Solutions provides pre-construction pest control treatments that will ensure your industrial or commercial facility will be pest free.

Termite & Pest Prevention Treatments
Home Tech Pest Solutions literally begins the process from the ground up to provide complete structural pest control. We begin pre-construction and during construction using termite treatments such as:
  • Liquid Soil Termite Treatments
  • Termite Bait Systems
  • Termite wood Treatments
By providing these treatments before and during construction, we establish a very un-friendly environment for pests and termites. By collaborating with the commercial builder we will ensure that the best protection available is implemented, every step of the way, from the beginning.
Many commercial and industrial businesses throughout Florida rely on Home Tech Pest Solutions for their commercial pest management needs. Our focus has always been providing smart solutions and total customer satisfaction.  It's very simple; when something is done right, it doesn't have to be complicated. Contact us today at 904.797.8334 to schedule your appointment.

Commercial Rodent Control

A rodent infestation is a nightmare for any business or institution. The negative impact on your image and reputation can be very difficult to overcome. That doesn't even take into account the actual damage that rodents cause as they scavenge, chew and even make nests. The bottom line is that a rodent infestation will no doubt be costly when you calculate lost revenue from a tarnished reputation and then repairs and maintenance. 

Extermination and Exclusion

Extermination: Using several methods including baits and traps, we get rid of rodents that have infiltrated your business.
Exclusion: Exclusion is a process that keeps rodents from entering your facility in the first place. We inspect your property and locate potential openings, cracks and crevices and then seal them so that they do not become an entry point. When rodents cannot get in, they stay outside where they belong!

We will provide a consultation that will give you valuable information and resources so that you can prevent an infestation in the future. As always, we can provide follow up and continued pest control services to maintain your facility to your standards and pest free.

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